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HOMESUSTAINABILITYSocial ContributionSocial Contribution Overview

Socuirl Contribution : Socuirl Contribution Overview

Vision of Social Responsibilities

Sincere, Responsible and Good Company

One of virtue of 'Endless Love', Woongjin's management philosophy, is 'Love for Society'. Woongjin's love for society shall start from thinking of 'We' rather than thinking of 'I'. This means that we contribute to the society and fulfill our responsibilities as members of society through capability and financial resources that we have. This is because it is the way we can be happy to share what we have with someone who has less. Woongjin will make efforts to fulfill its responsibilities as a member of society and become reliable company to the persons concerned. Woongjin will expand its social activities focusing on contribution to environment, education and neighbor.

Endless Love Volunteer Group

Faithful and responsible company

By putting 'Love for Society' into practice with its all employees, Woongjin will fulfill its social responsibility as a corporate citizen. Being joined at 'Endless Love Volunteer Group', Woongjin's all employees provide volunteer services for more than 16 hours per year.

Total Hours of Social Services Yearly Average Hours per Person
2008 583.5 18.9
2009 1135 21.8