• Environment Management
    • Summary of Environment Management
    • Low-carbon Management
    • Environment-friendly Story
  • Social Contribution
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HOMESUSTAINABILITYEnvironment ManagementSummary of Environment Management

Environment Management : Summary of Environment Management

Vision of Environment Management

Woongjin, the global leader who puts Cool-Green Management in practice

Value of Environment Management

    • Customer satisfaction through environment management
    • Inspiration of environment love
    • Responding to the climate change through environment management
    • Observance of domestics and international environmental arrangement
    • Fulfillment of social responsibilities through environment management
    • Contribution to social environment improvement

Objectives of Environment Management

Jump onto a global environment business
We will be the best global environment company based on our capability that accommodates changes and makes them competitiveness.
Environment-friendly systemization through clean production
We will establish environment-friendly system for future growth from development of a product through its abolition
Active reaction to the international climate change trend
We will demonstrate the leadership as the global environment-friendly business by predicting climate change trend.
Continuous investment in environment improvement
We will put into practice 3R campaign (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) to protect nature and to minimize waste and we will become an innovating company by unsparingly investing in environment improvement.
Reinforcement of environment-friendly mind, "hot love, cool earth" of all the family
We will reinforce love for environment through environment-friendly education and become the first environment protector by putting it into practice.