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HR Training

Woongjin Energy does not neglect the efforts to train human resources.

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  • E-Learning
  • HIM Progrem
  • Imagination Ocean

Woongjin Energy thinks education and training as the essential skill to perform work, not just acquisition of simple knowledge. With this in mind, it carries out job-oriented and field-oriented training and provides specialized courses by job and hierarchical class in cooperation with Group’s Human Resource Development Center to improve company’s common and key competence. Through these processes, it tries to become a company which harmonizes development of both the company and employees.


Woongjin Energy has opened more than 100 courses through its E-Learning program including OA, finance and accounting, human resource management, training, marketing, customer service and language and has each employee select and learn the one that he/she needs by himself/herself.  This has an advantage that each employee can select and participate in the subject that is needed to develop his/her capability in the convenient time. In 2009, 50 employees have taken 128 hours of training.

HIM Progrem

Being the learning support program to cultivate passion and dream of Woongjin Energy’s employees, HIM (Heat & Hope In My Life) program aims for training of multi-functional employees and self-improvement.

Imagination Ocean

Being expanded from the existing suggestion system, this program evaluates employee suggestions of innovative ideas for their innovativeness, workability, profitability and contribution and provides benefits such as promotion and overseas training to those awarded. Categorizing into 6 areas such as work, love, change, organization, challenge and customer, this program induces employees to provide creative ideas in each category and has them contribute to the performance of the company. Through mileage point and promotion point, it facilitates the participation of employees.