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Employee Model

Woongjin Energy’s Employee Model is focused on the practice of endless love, its management philosophy.

Woongjin’s employees are expected to aim for ‘learning professional’, ‘innovating creator’, ‘passionate and achieving person’ and ‘coopera -ting organization member’. This means a person with growth potential who realizes the value of endless love.


Learning Professional
A person who develops himself/herself through continuous learning
Innovating Creator
A person who always looks for something new and pursues innovation and creativity
Passionate and Achieving Person
A person who fulfills his/her responsibilities on the job with patience, positive drive, willingness and passion on work
Cooperating Organization Member
A person who weighs human relations and team work and can work with others with flexible thinking
  • Challenge : A person who always has curiosity on the new areas and pushes ahead with it
  • Revolution : A person who weighs team work and relationship but fulfills his/her responsibilities on the new things without any fear
  • Customer : A person who has passion on learning and developing new technology and tries to be the best in the relevant field