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HOMECAREERSJob Introduction

Job Introduction

Biz Support Division
C/S Division
Production Division
Technology Division
R&D Center

Major Job Description

Establishment of mid-/long-term plan and planning and management of mission plan, as overall management lanning activities to set up business direction.

Job Details
Category Job Details
Planning Establishment of business plan
  • budget preparation, P&L / BS / Cash-flow Statement
  • preparation of Powerpoint presentation for key objectives plan
Management of actual results vs. plan
  • follow up vs. business plan
  • follow up vs. KPI
  • Operation of BOD meetings, CEO meetings,
    Management Steering Committee meetings
Establishment/Revision of regulations and guidelines
Market research (market, trend, prices)
Profitability analysis and economic feasibility study
  • profitability analysis on new process and product
  • economic feasibility study on M&A, joint venture and
    new business opportunity

Qualifications and required competence

Planning capability
This means the capability to derive issues for growth based on under- standing of business nature and sensibility on reality, and to suggest a new alternative together with practical action plan through systematic analysis on cause and integrated thinking.
Profit orientation
This is to evaluate his/her job from the viewpoint of cost and profit based on financial knowledge and to improve his/her job to maximize profit within the company’s profit structure.
Customer orientation
This is to know exactly who his/her customers are and what customers need (explicitly/potentially) in order to sensitively react, and to always satisfy customers by providing more value than what customers expect.