• Company Overview
  • Philosophy
  • Vision and Mission
  • CEO Message
  • Organization Chart
  • CI Introduction
  • Business Location
HOMECOMPANYVision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision of Woongjin Energy

To be the global no.1 in Si single crystal by 2011.
Maximization of sales and profit through improved productivity
Enhancement of brand image through the world’s best quality of products

Mission of Woongjin Energy

Maximization of Sales and Profit
Productivity Improvement
Production Cost Saving through Long-term/Mass Supply
Profit Maximization through Waste Recycling
Manufacture of World’s Best Products
Development of Innovative Production Technology
Practice of Innovative Activities
Practice of Cost Savings
Completion of Solar Light Value Chain
Ingot, Wafer
Solar Battery (Cell)
System Installation