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HOMECOMPANYCompany Overview

Company Overview

High-quality ingots and wafers, produced by the best technology, guarantee success of the solar light project. Woongjin Energy develops differentiated products and services through its own creative, contrary ideas. Woongjin Energy will make the new paradigm for energy industry.

Company Profile

Company Profile
Company Name Woongjin Energy
Date of Establishment 11-2006
Representative Director  
Location 37, Gwanpyeong-dong) Techno 2-ro, Yuseong-Gu, Daejoen 305-509, Korea
Paid-in Capital KRW 33.3 billion
Type of Business Manufacturing of ingots and wafers for solar cells
Number of Employees 400(12-2013)
Affiliated Companies Woongjin and 7 companies